• I`m Female & suffering from Androgenic Alopecia & I tried several treatments but result was very poor, so how Haiser Protocol would help me?

    Scalp cleansing & exfoliation along with the customized vitamins cocktails will nurish hair follicles. The Laser Helmet also will boost hair growth, improve blood circulation into hair follicles

  • I am struggling with Dandruff, what should I expect from Haiser protocol?

    Scalp cleansing & exfoliation along with the customized vitamins cocktails will work on eleminating allcauses of Dandruff. Laser Helmet assist in relieving Scalp Inflammation with fighting causing pathogens

  • When I am using other topical hair treatments, I experience recurrent Hair Loss again after stopping treatments, how would haiser protocol help me?

    This happens due to the improper circulation into hair follicles, as dead cells and impurities clog the Follicles. With HAISER protocol, you will enjoy Healthy Scalp by providing proper blood supply to keep Hair Follicles in good condition

  • How many sessions required to treat Male Androgenic Alopecia using HAISER?

    As per your consultant doctor evaluation. However it may requires at least 6-4 sessions

  • How may Laser support hair growth, although I know that Laser used usually for hair removal?

    HAISER protocol has a Low Level Laser therapy technique, which boost Hair Folicles to enhance hair growth. However Laser Hair Removal machine adopt High Intensity Laser beam to suppress hair follicles

  • Why Scalp Cleansing is recommend to be an essential for any hair treatments?

    To allow delivering different hair treatments either Professional (Mesotherapy or PRP) or other Topical Home treatments in considerable concentrations to sufficiently reach Hair Follicle. Cleansing pores should contribute in providing the follicles continuously with better blood circulation and nutrients

  • Does HAISER considered as an alternative to other hair treatments (MESO or PRP)

    HAISER is not a replacement for Mesotherapy nor PRP, as the doctor can combine more than one treatment protocol at same time. HAISER surely will boost the results of Mesotherapy & PRP, hence the patient may require lesser numbers of treatment sessions with getting a better result